Free International Leadership "Food Security" Webinars Now Available

Our emergency food security webinars are in full swing.  We are focusing on high risk areas of Asia, Africa, India, Middle East & Eastern block nations. Sign up for a free webinar HERE.

The UN World Food Programme says, "A Global Food Crisis Like No Other!".

*Many food supply chains are breaking down.

*High costs of food are crippling 3rd world communities, the extreme poor, and NGOs who's budgets have increased by up to 50% just from the rising costs of food, supplies, and fuel.

*Hundreds of millions are in great danger of extermination this year alone, with no relief in site for the foreseeable future.

Our food security webinars are focused on preparing a new generation of leaders who can help their communities thrive during famine.  Through a multi pronged approach, we show families, neighborhoods, and communities how to grow emergency nutrition and sustainable, dense foods.  We show how to grow protein, how to develop sustainable fertilizer, and how to be prepared when food and water shortages come.  Our webinars are detailed, to the point, and based on real living examples of success from our own hands.

Various professionals are joining Dr. Daniel Daves to reach deep into the third world and empower community leaders.  Moms & Dads, pastors, mayors, school officials, government leaders are all invited to attend our free webinars.

If you know of anyone in the third world who needs to prepare for global food insecurity, please send them this link so they can sign up for the next webinar.

And if you would like to help with the expenses of these webinars, of if you would like your business to sponsor a webinar, please go to our DONATE page and make a donation in any amount. Send us a note and some artwork if your business is sponsoring a webinar, at

Lastly, please pray for the workers of Global Food Providers. Not only do we run a 60 hour per week prototype farm and dehydration center in the wild west of the tropics, but we are also training leaders both local and international.  The mechanics and stress behind the GLOBAL FOOD REVOLUTION movement is incredible.  Thanks for your support and prayers!


Dr. Daniel & Tracy Daves

Global Food Providers