You can volunteer to help feed the poor with Global Food Providers. There are many ways we desperately need your help.

1. If you are in Chiriqui, Panama we have days at the farm where volunteers meet together, harvest superfoods such as spinach, kale, swiss chard and okra. We then prepare the foods on racks and put them in the commercial dehydrator for distribution to the poor.  We also package dehydrated foods that are ready to be donated.  Normal volunteer days are Currently on Thursdays in the morning, 8-11 Am. Give us a call or drop us a Whatsapp (+507-6121-0591) or email (info@globalfoodproviders.com) if you can come to the farm in Potrerillos Abajo, Rovira, Panama.  Normal volunteer times on Thursdays are 8 - 11 am.  Meet new friends. Develop relationships. Help the poor.  Learn how to use dehydration to change the world.

2. Dehydration typically costs us $59 per load after all costs are applied. Any time you would like to donate financially to help us dehydrate super foods, super fast, we would highly appreciate your tax deductible donation (deductible if you file USA taxes).  Donate Here.

3. We always try to have a home construction or restoration project going. If you are good with concrete, metal work, electrical, plumbing, or you have 2 hands and gloves - ready to roll up your sleeves, we need you to help a poor family get their house sealed up, get a concrete floor installed to get them off of the dirt, or help get windows and doors installed to insulate and protect the family.  We normally volunteer on Saturdays and occasionally on a week day if we can gather a group to go.  Send us a Whatsapp (+507-6121-0591) or email (info@globalfoodproviders.com) if you'd like to volunteer. We would love to work with you.

4. Bring a team for a week or volunteer to help us educate the third world on the importance of super foods, organic and near organic gardening, and becoming family/food sustainable.  Help our little community to learn English, job skills, and basic family care and hygiene.  Drop us a line if you'd like to help.  There are so many things that can be done using your skill set. Thanks.

Contact in Chiriqui, Panama:

Dr. Daniel Daves, Whatsapp: +507-6121-0591, info@globalfoodproviders.com