Intern With Us This June - July, 2024!

(Application Is Below)  Internship programs are finally here, June & July 2024 for anyone 18+ years old.  All internship is taught in the English language.  You can join us for a 30 or 60 day internship at the Global Food Providers farm and dehydration center. 

June 30 days: June 1 - July 1.

July 30 days: July 2 - 31.

Stay 60 days: June 1 - July 31.

Your time will be loaded with education and opportunity. If you have a good work ethic, have lots of compassion for children and animals, and have a passion to see lives and communities changed, then these internship programs just might be for you. Dr. Daniel, Tracy, staff and other professionals are going to pour their lives into you in a very short time, educating you with "on the job" training that you'll never forget! 

You are welcome to talk with Dr. Daniel Daves (Whatsapp) about the programs and what they will feature.  Here are a few key words and phrases for you.

(Learn some basic English/Spanish, learn secrets of farming and dehydrating in the 1st and 3rd worlds, saving a community from starvation and famine, secrets to sustainably feeding widows and children, social media development, secrets to growing rabbits for their fertilizer poop, & chickens for their egg/protein production, Bible college training, using creative entraprenurial skills to transform a community while sustaining yourself financially, Compass Guide life transformation training which will help you find your core life purpose on earth, teamwork skills, and creative evangelism)

Applications are available now. 

(Application Is At Bottom Of Page)

The cost for one month internship includes three meals per day, local travel, housing, all books and materials, and 6 days per week of training, with 1 day off for adventure, exploration, or just hanging out.  You will receive top education, you will connect with like minded people, and you will have hands on experience as we multiply God's Kingdom together in Panama. The total cost is $1,200 for 30 days. (longer term internship will also be available if you find your home here for a longer time.)

You will need to purchase a plane ticket to DAV airport (David, Panama), and we highly recommend some cheap travel insurance that covers all accidental, medical, travel costs in an emergency.  Bring some spending cash for fun, adventure, and snacks.  That's it!  Send a note to Dr. Daniel with your email, phone/text, and he'll have the application paperwork sent your way. Dr. Daniel's phone text is at 682-651-5501, or Whatsapp - QR code is above.  We look forward to seeing you this Summer in Panama!

Download PDF application file HERE.  Fill out and email to


Here are a few bulletpoints of what you will be learning during your internship program:

1. How to feed widows, orphans and the extreme malnourished anywhere in the world, building community teamwork and raising the funds needed.

2. How to choose to buy, rent, build a farm, or simply rent local farmers.

3. How to get off grid and grow your own fertilizer using chickens, rabbits, and compost, keeping your project at a lower cost than everyone else around you.

4. How to dehydrate superfoods, and how to buy or build a commercial size dehydrator using locally sourced materials.

5. How to develop a children's feeding program that will also reach out and educate the parents, helping them to erradicate poverty in their own family.

6. How to identify various forms of poverty in the community, and erradicate it using no nonsense educational steps.

7. You will personally be involved in the development of our rabbit and chicken egg layin g programs, and will be challenged to advance and modify them for greater capacity.

8. You will personally go through the "Compass Guide" life transformation program, authored by Dr. Daniel Daves. You will walk away from your internship with a deep sense of who you are, what directions you should pursue with your life, and you will have a 25 word core vision statement that will define your future movements in life.  Here's a video testimonial from a young man who took the Compass Guide program when he was 13. Years later, it has kept him on focus for success! HERE. Check out Ariel's testimony HERE.  The Compass Guide Page is HERE.

9. You will be directly involved in children's feeding and educational programs, as well as community outreach.  You will get to know the children and their families personally, an experience you will never forget. They will remain in your heart for decades to come.

10. You will work with us six days per week, and have one day to explore Panama. There are tons of places to tour including hiking, waterfalls, hike to the top of Volcan Baru, coffee tours, awesome beaches, zip lines through the jungles, shopping in quaint little Panama towns, awesome restaurants, and more. Check out tourism in Boquette and Chiriqui in your google search.

The price of your internship includes "three hots and a cot".  You will stay at the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) training center, and you will receive 3 meals per day from them and at the farm. All bus and auto transportation to and from the farm and outreach locations is covered. Private transportation from and to the DAV airport by our team is also included.  The trip is all inclusive, with the only exceptions being your day-off travels, and any snacks and trinquets you might want to buy during the week.  A bus from our farm area to Boquete is approximately $1.50 one way. Travel is very inexpensive, and very accomodating. There are busses everywhere, and they will take you anywhere. Taxi's and Ubers are also available in certain locations.

Download PDF application file HERE.  Fill out and email to




Application PDF Download Is Here:

Download PDF application file HERE.  Fill out and email to  Please send a note to Dr. Daniel Daves on Whatsapp at +507-6121-0591 so he knows you've sent the application. He will also follow up to make sure you're processed quickly. Thanks. We hope to see you on the field this Summer!

Application file is HERE.  Download, scan and email back to us.