Food Security Webinars

Register now to secure your position in the next emergency international food security webinar, coming soon.  Our April 15, 2023 was a great success. Click here to register: This webinar will focus on food security for North & Eastern Africa, Asia, & India.


Join author Dr. Daniel Daves and other prominent guest speakers as they prepare you with a critical "to do" list to avert community food insecurity, famine, and death in the coming years.  New global leadership must arise, and is critical for community survival.  You can be the one to rise to the occasion.

The facts are clear that up to 1.4 billion people will be unable to find 1,000 calories per day in the coming years. This means that your community is at severe risk of malnutrition and famine.  Join us on our next Zoom webinar.  
Speakers include:
*Author, conference speaker, farm/dehydration specialist Dr. Daniel Daves
*Community leader, food security developer, pastor Juan Mario Hererro
*Certified organic farming & intl. food program specialist Phil Philips
In the next webinar, you will learn:

*Learn which areas of the world are at most risk of total food collapse, famine, and death.  

*Learn the top basic steps to secure critical caloric foods and protein for you and your people to survive and thrive through mass famine.

*Learn to prioritize your emergency steps and cut out time wasting ideas.

*Learn the secrets of creating your own fertilizer when there is none, creating your own animal feed when there is none, and growing your own superfoods when there is none.

*Learn the secret sources of food in your own area which are being overlooked, but which you and your team can harvest right now - thousands of pounds per week are waiting for you at this moment! Most of this food is free of charge.

*Learn how to operate as Joseph did during Pharaoh's famine, and successfully store food for long periods of time.

You will receive Dr. Daves' book, "FOOD IS POWER" as a free download when you attend the webinar.


Register now to secure your position in the next emergency international food security webinar. Click here to register: