Sponsor Super Food Producing Bunny Rabbit "Project 200"
Sponsor Super Food Producing Bunny Rabbit "Project 200"
Sponsor Super Food Producing Bunny Rabbit "Project 200"

Sponsor Super Food Producing Bunny Rabbit "Project 200"

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Our bunny rabbits are our hardest workers in feeding the poor.  We use "RABBIT TEA" to feed our greenhouse operation.  Rabbit Tea is our secret organic plant food that makes our farm sustainable.  Our rabbits are our friends and pets, and we are growing to have 200+ rabbits in the future so we can help our entire community with organic plant food, powerful compost, and the capacity to grow their own food when the supply chains break (as they are breaking now around the world).

We are currently planning to construct a large 15’ x 60’ facility to house and protect 200+ rabbits and their babies. This includes protected areas for them to play and forage during the daytime.  The cost of this facility equals $75 per rabbit and will be the ultimate prototype facility for others to model after.  ($15,000 total with credit card fees deducted from donations).

Remember that commercial fertilizer is exploding in price and is becoming unavailable. Some places report a 300% - 400% increase, causing commercial farmers to go bankrupt. But when you are on Rabbit Tea, you are off-grid and free to grow food organically and sustainably.

Because we give superfood powders to the poor as well as spend ourselves educating leaders around the world, we are thankful for partners who will sponsor the farm, the dehydration center, or a beautiful bunny rabbit.  If you would like to sponsor 1 rabbit for $75, you give us the ability to raise and house one of these cuddly rabbits in a way that they are happy, healthy, and well-protected.  If you want to sponsor 5 of them, simply add 5 to the shopping cart and choose your quantity of rabbits to support.  If you wish to sponsor the entire project, please add 200 rabbits to the shopping cart and the project will be fully funded. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you for your sponsorship of our furry friends and their new housing facility.   We feed them the best organic foods with kale, collard greens, spinach, and special super foods. In return, they work hard all day helping us to create "RABBIT TEA" (that's rabbit poop & pee) to feed our 1.5-acre greenhouse, and to create super compost fertilizer for others in our community who are trying their best to feed their families with personal gardens.

Rabbit Multiplication Project Two Hundred - 2023

Total Project Cost:  $14,700 ($15,000 with credit card fees included)

*Includes completed 900 sf metal building, plumbed, electric, auto feeders, 54 rabbit cages, special “in ground” breeding cages, infirmary room, pumps, injectors and motors to move fertilizer throughout the farm.  Also includes a year’s supply of rabbit mineral pellets to keep the rabbits well feed and healthy.

This Program Will Increase Annual Fertilizer Production:

*10,400 lbs. expanded active solid rabbit fertilizer annually which will mix with compost and chicken poop for an all-inclusive, sustainable plant food to be used on our farm and given to extremely poor families.

*6,240 gallons of organic rabbit urine liquid fertilizer, used as sprayable insecticide, root stimulator and organic bio soil feed.

Estimated Annual Plant Bio Mass Increase On Our Farm:

*51,480 lbs increased superfoods grown in our greenhouse, fertilized by this Rabbit fertilizer program.  (9 greenhouses, 110 lbs expanded superfood production per greenhouse, 990 lbs per week.)

*536 bags of 6oz dehydrated superfoods per year.

*Approximately 20,000 lbs of sustainable compost created for donation to extremely poor families. 400 - 50 lb bags