Sponsor A Feeding Program For Up To 75 Kids

Sponsor A Feeding Program For Up To 75 Kids

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You can sponsor a children's feeding program here.  Did you know that for $75 you can pay for all of the food, cups, spoons, napkins, and drinks to feed up to 75 children, their moms, and the volunteers who work all day to make it happen?  That's $1 per child ($1.00 each).

What do they eat? We make the absolute best food that makes them all want to come back for more. We include rice, mixed vegetables, eggs, chicken bullion, and a generous heaping portion of our superfood greens that make the meal the most nutritious they will have ever had.  We cook all morning to prepare the food. Then the children and some of their moms come for all they can eat.  Our volunteer teams serve the food, play games with the kids, sing songs, teach them English, dance moves, and they hear a great gospel message about the love and power of God.  There's always a supply of coloring books and soccer balls.

If you, your business, church, community group or organization would like to sponsor a feeding project, we would be honored to partner with you. We will put in the hard work, love, compassion, and care to make sure that your sponsored event is the very best possible!

Thank you for considering us.  When you "buy one" of these sponsorships, you are sponsoring one full-day lunch meal and event.  If you buy 2 or more, you are sponsoring multiple days.  We normally provide one day per week for anyone who sponsors multiple days.  Four days sponsored is typically one month of feeding and care/ministry.  Fifty-two days sponsored will provide one day per week for an entire year.  WOW - just imagine how many malnourished kids can be impacted physically, mentally, and spiritually within one short year.

Thank you for any and all support you would like to partner with.  You are a great blessing.

Bon Appetite!

Here's a shot of the food we serve. It's loaded with nutrition. We normally cook 3 - 5 pots of lunch, depending on how many kids are coming.

These are some of the wonderful children in our community who come to the feeding program.  They are happy when they come to eat at Global Food Providers farm. We have the best food in town!

Some of the vegetables that we cut and slice before adding into the rice.  They love zucchini, onions, peppers, carrots, celery, broccoli, garlic, and more.

Cups of nutrition going out to those who are infirm or who cannot make it to the farm. Para llevar is the word in Spanish - FOOD TO GO.