Joseph Project Emergency Leaders Initiative - By Global Food Providers

Joseph Project Emergency Leaders Initiative - By Global Food Providers

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EMERGENCY:  Learn the 12 key principles of successful community food growing now! Join the Global Food Revolution by becoming a Joseph Project Emergency Leader for your community.

Quote From Dr. Daniel Daves:  "We stand at the precipice of a global food crisis that will affect you and your family."

Right now, global food supply chains are crumbling. Third-world nations will see severe famine that will threaten the lives of hundreds of millions in the coming 24 months.  First-world nations will see food disruptions, power brownouts, soaring inflation, various market and commodity crashes, and more. But the first world will have the food supplies.  Third-world nations will go without. The ships with food will go to the highest bidder. Those with no money will be left to themselves with nothing.  This is where we all step in.

There is much to say, but only to leaders of the Global Food Revolution.  This current global famine is nothing less than a repeat of the Old Testament Bible story of Pharaoh and Joseph.  At the end of seven years of famine, Pharaoh would own all of the lands in Egypt and the people would be enslaved to him for 400 years as they had to trade their properties for food during the crisis.  We will explain this in detail, as well as how you can avoid the seven year famine scenario.


We are assembling an international consortium group of community leaders who are ready to take immediate action to save their faith, families, finances, and future.  These people are modern-day Josephs and builders of community arks.

If you believe you have the leadership skills required to help lead your family, your community, your church, your club, your city council, and government agencies, along with helping the third world, you should consider joining this consortium group.

We will teach you 12 key principles that revolve around these four commands:

1. Seize control of food at the root level.

2. Build an ark of safety to protect your faith, family, finances, and future.

3. Build sustainably after the sun model.

4. Food is power. You will have the food, and you will have the power.

You will be brought into an international community of leaders from all parts of the world. You will learn from the professionals including the Global Food Providers directors, partners, and team members.  You will interact with questions, comments, ideas, connections, and true community.  You will be given all the materials you need to develop and seize secret food sources.  You will get into a position to have food supplies that no one else has.  You will learn to build a community of like-minded leaders who will protect and expand your leadership capacity.  You will have direct access to Dr. Daniel Daves, the Global Food Providers team, associates, partners, and board members.  We will lock hands with you and walk you through the coming wave of planetary change.  You will lead your community to success and food supplies that others have never dreamed of.  There is so much more that we have in store for you.

The cost for this program is only $99 per year.  Your payment will go directly towards the Global Food Providers Prototype Farm & Dehydration Center to train third world leaders on emergency food growing, dehydration and distribution.  

Join now! It's only $99 per year.  We will quickly send you the link to the private Telegram account where you will be introduced to the international team.  You will be invited to zoom conference calls.  You will have full access to all of our secret sustainable techniques.  And you will become friends with many international partners who are all building the same sustainable arks of safety.

You will also receive digital copies of Dr. Daniel Daves' two books, "Global Food Revolution" and the leadership guide called, "Food Is Power".  These will come by email once you have placed your order.

Welcome aboard.

Warning: This is not for the weak of heart or those not willing to put effort into the community.  Arks of safety are built because the season changes in a single day. And when that day comes, the ark must be built and complete.  "You must not be late!".  There will be lots of work to do, and decisions to be made. You can do it.  We will encourage and advise you.  But we can't do it for you.  We'll see you in the Joseph Project Telegram room.  Make sure to go to and sign up for a free account.  Let us know your Telegram name once you place this order, and we'll add you to the room with a big "welcome". 

God bless you!