Panama Vegetable & Fruit Orders

 We offer farm fresh produce from our farm in Chiriqui, Panama as well as from semi organic and commercial farms in the area. These farms provide some of the best, nutritious foods in Panama at a great price!


You can get our fresh produce the following ways:

1. Order on weekends through the  link and either pickup your order Tuesday morning 9 - 12am at the Morning Market (Tap Out Grill at the Pool Tables).  The order form is typically open and "live" on Thursday through till 10pm Sunday. 

2. You can drop by our farm with advance notice and we will have our farm products pulled for you to pick up. Whatsapp Daniel at +507-6121-0591 to get your order placed Monday - Friday, or Saturday 9 - 12am.

3. You can pick up our Kale, Okra and Spinach at the Legumbres Caballero vegetable stand in downtown Boquete, 100 meters off the main road across from the Baptist Church.  On the main Boquete street, turn at THE PERFECT PAIR/COFFEE, CHOCOLATE and go to the end of that street.

4.  Our products go through distributors to the commercial vegetable market in David and Panama City and could land in a store near you.

*Near Organic Statement:  Near organic is our best classification for a few reasons. We are currently unable to develop all of our own chicken poop fertilizer.  (That will change soon). Therefore our chicken poop fertilizer comes from commercial locations which nullifies our organic capacity. We also have cattle within 500 meters of the farm which nullifies our licensed organic capacity.  We also have a few critters that we must deal with once in awhile which we have found no organic remedy for.  If or when they show up, we must deal with them using a safe, green level antidote or we face losing the entire farm.  75% of our plant food is driven by our organic rabbit tea infusion process. But 25% of our plant food is still non organic commercial fertilizer in order to get the plants what they require which rabbit tea cannot offer.  That being said, many of our products are absolutely 100% organic and never need non organic intervention, and never touch non organic fertilizers or chicken poop.  We do our best. We are still learning. Sometimes we feel like we're still in 5th grade as we learn organic farming technics in the harsh tropical environment of Latin America.  Thanks for your understanding.