Buy A Bunny

You can buy a bunny who will work hard for years to feed malnourished children!

Most of our farm fertilizer is created by our large family of bunny rabbits. We feed them the best diet and they give us the most nutritious poop. This makes an organic, sustainable, cyclical fertilizer process that keeps our costs low, makes our superfood plants happy, and causes the soil to live!

You can buy a bunny, which pays for the bunny, the secure home, all of the food the bunny needs for a year, and professional employee and veterinarian care during that time.  Each bunny requires $75. And if you sponsor a bunny, we'll send you a really cool, 100% cotton, comfortable T-shirt (S,M,L,XL, XXL).  This shirt will cause people to ask you about the bunny program.  Wear the shirt for a day, and people will be asking you about the bunnies. A real conversation starter.