2020 Global Food Providers Needs

2020 is a year of expansed outreach to the poor around the world. We have many fronts that we're expanding and have listed a few of the things that you can help us with, either with a monthly donation commitment, or a one time donation to help fund the project. Thank you for your love, care, passion and commitment to feeding the poor in Jesus' name!

Dehydration Center Expansion:  We are expanding our prototype with a commercial instant hot water heater, water filtration system and installing our 3 bin stainless steel sink.  Total costs to complete this installation to give us fresh hot water to wash and clean the center: $970.

Dehydration Center Load of Fruits/Vegetables:  Each load of fruit or vegetables that we run through the dehydration center costs around $45 including generator powered electricity, cost of produce and packaging.  Each time someone donates $45, we are able to send an entire load of super foods through the dehydration system to be packaged and given to the most "at risk" widows and orphans in Panama.  Thank you for your one time or monthly commitment:  $45.

Monthly Base Support:  Running a super food farm and commercial sized dehydration center ini latin America is expensive.  We always need to secure the base foundation of monthly support.  Most people don't know just how important this support is to keep the entire program functioning.  From utilities, office supplies, attorney fees, fuel and travel expenses, vehicle maintenance, dehydration center equipment maintenance, etc....  it costs around $8,800 per month to run the Panama farm and dehydration center operation.  Your loving and caring monthly support "literally" keeps the lights on.  Any amount that you can give as a monthly donation is so highly appreciated.  $5, $25, $100, $500 keeps us pointing forward and focused on meeting the needs of the poor!

Current Equipment needs:

*4x4 pickup truck:  $18,000

*Air Conditioned Box Truck To Pick Up Donated Vegetables: $20,000

*Custom Built Dehydration Machine - Location #2:  $7,500

Missions Team Needs:

If you can assemble a missions team to come to Chiriqui, Panama for a week, we have need to build missions team housing for our various teams to stay in while here.  We have two team houses we want to build. The first is an inexpensive greenhouse style housing which will be very authentic and great temporary housing. The second will be a more permanent housing facility that more resembles permanent housing to sleep up to 15 team members at a time.  We would love to have your team come and help us build!  Thank you for considering us.

You can donate here:

Global Food Providers is a subsidiary dba of Children's Feeding Network, a USA non profit 501(c)3 organization #48-0971077.  

You can also donate a set amount here if you choose not to use Paypal services, but only want to give through your credit or debit card.  Thank you.
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