2021 Global Food Providers Needs

2021 is a year of expanding outreach to the malnourished around the world.  Malnutrition is up 80% in the last year, and a whopping 269% in Latin America because of the pandemic lockdowns. People are in deep trouble and many are dying right under our watch! 

We have listed a few of the things that you can help us with, either with a monthly donation commitment, or a one time donation to help fund the project. Thank you for your love, care, passion and commitment to feeding the poor in Jesus' name!

John 21:15 (NIV) 15  .... Jesus said to Simon Peter, "Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?" "Yes, Lord," he said, "you know that I love you." Jesus said, "Feed my lambs."

Dehydration Capacity Expansion:  We are constructing a much larger dehydration system that can output 15x more that our current dehydrator. Why? We have access to freely donated fruits and vegetables to give to widows, orphans and the nutritionally deficient. Greater capacity is needed.  Right now we can't accept the 3,000 lb. donation offers and the grocery store chain left over foods. Our 150 lb. dehydrator just can't keep up.   An expanded dehydration system will help us capture more foods that would otherwise be thrown away.   Also......

A. We are video taping the construction and creation of this 40' container prep unit and a 20' dehydration box, so we can help thousands of communities in the third world do the exact same thing (scalable) to help their nutritional needs.  Time is of the essence as climate craziness and broken food systems are wreaking havoc in the third world. 

B. As this unit is successfully constructed and installed, it will open up international doors for us to export our free dehydrated super foods to other nations as we will be licensed for export.

C.  This game changing larger dehydration center IS the open door to help thousands of needy children, and millions who will be helped as new dehydration centers are constructed inside international communities of great need.

Total cost of this project will be $97,000 including a retro-fitted 40' container, a 20' custom dehydration box, a 40' x 45' roof, commercial processing equipment, electrical connections and more to meet licensing requirements.  We ask you to consider pitching in to help this prototype become a reality for many communities going forward.  Every $1 helps.  Thank you!  (materials prices are on the rise. We are hoping to complete this project before materials rocket in price (again).

Dehydration Center Load of Fruits/Vegetables:  Each load of fruit or vegetables that we run through the dehydration center costs $59 including generator powered electricity, cost of produce and packaging.  Each time someone donates $59 we are able to send an entire load of super foods through the dehydration system to be packaged and given to the most "at risk" widows and orphans in Panama.  Thank you for your one time or monthly commitment:  $59.

Electricity Brought To The Farm:  We are 60 feet away from new electric poles and wires. It will cost $3,500 total to run posts to the farm, bring in wire, electrician certifications and connections. When this happens we will be celebrating the end of 6 years on generator power.  The costs of running generators daily, repairs, replacements, and transporting fuels daily has been grueling to say the least.  It's almost over!  We are closer than we've ever been with electricity!!  As we say in Texas when we're really excited, "YEEHAW!".

Monthly Base Support:  Running a super food farm and commercial sized dehydration center in Latin America is expensive.  We always need to secure the base foundation of monthly support.  Most people don't know just how important this support is to keep the entire program functioning.  From fuel, office supplies, attorney fees, repairs/replacements, travel expenses, vehicle maintenance, dehydration center equipment maintenance, etc....  it costs around $8,800 per month to run the Panama farm and dehydration center operation.  Your loving and caring monthly support "literally" helps to keep the lights on.  Any amount that you can give as a monthly donation is so highly appreciated.  $5, $25, $100, $500 keeps us pointing forward and focused on meeting the needs of the poor!  When we wake up in the morning to go to work feeding the malnourished, there is nothing like the understanding that there's a floor under our feet to work from. That floor is "base floor support".  Thank you for considering us.

Current Equipment needs:

*4x4 Pickup Truck:  A good used truck in Panama will cost us $18,000

*RVs For Volunteers: To cook a meal and lay their heads to rest at our prototype farm. We are looking for RVs to ship to Panama from your country.  $15,500 - $20,000 will normally buy an RV and have it shipped on location with import taxes paid.

*Wood Chipping Machine: Needed for creating organic compost materials.  $1,100

*Bobcat Loader: Used in construction, road building, flipping compost materials, and rotating soil quickly inside our greenhouse.  We have an opportunity to pick up a beautiful "American owned" Bobcat for only $13,000. This one is our dream!

 Tractor/Rototiller:  To increase production, we need to professionally rototill our land for planting. At this time we utilize manual labor with hoes and it's time consuming and hard work in the sun!  One tractor can do the work of 20 men.  The tractor we have our eyes on is German engineered, made in Asia with no computerized parts. It's strong as an ox!  This one is $14,400 complete with rototiller.  Of course, the dream is always a John Deere tractor!  

Missions Team Construction Projects:

If you can assemble a missions team to come to Chiriqui, Panama for a week, we have need to build various projects.  #1. Rabbit housing for up to 100 rabbits who work hard to provide our farm with the needed nutrients to feed all of our plants. $6,000 


FUNDED AND COMPLETED! #2. Chicken housing for up to 180 chickens who provide eggs for protein for our children's feeding programs. $4,800.


#3. Tiny Home housing for team members who want to come work and need a place to lay their heads.   We would love to have your team come and help us build!   Thank you for considering us.

You can donate here with a one time gift or set up a monthly recurring donation.  Note: If you give through "FRIENDS AND FAMILY" instead of "GOODS AND SERVICES", we get 100% of the donation and Paypal will not extract their normal 3% fee. Awesome!

Global Food Providers is a subsidiary dba of Children's Feeding Network, a USA non profit 501(c)3 organization #48-0971077.  

You can also donate a set amount here if you choose not to use Paypal services, but only want to give through your credit or debit card.  Thank you for partnering with us!
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