Partner With Us To Help Save Innocent Lives In 2023
Partner With Us To Help Save Innocent Lives In 2023

Partner With Us To Help Save Innocent Lives In 2023

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Global Food Providers works locally and internationally to provide superfoods for the poor suffering from malnutrition in the third world.  We also help international communities and leaders develop plans to feed their poor, widows, and orphans in distress.  We spring to action when disaster strikes. Our trucks are filled when emergency needs arise.  We do this on an incredibly small budget, making Dollars go farther than most charities worldwide.  We are independently audited and meet the high bar requirements of being proud members of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). This has earned us very high rankings over the decades.


We highly value and need your partnership.  Of course, we always appreciate prayers of protection, provision, and divine direction in all of our activities.  We also need friends who can become financial partners in any amount.  One-time gifts are greatly appreciated. And monthly recurring donations are highly valued.

Without a financial foundation, no charity can exist, thrive, or move ahead.  Every $5, $20, $50, $100, or more per month helps to build that foundation that gives us the ability to pay the light bill, keep the vehicles fueled and running, and keep our doors open to the poor who have great needs.

Would you consider partnering with us in one of the following ways?

1. You can make a one-time, tax-deductible donation to Global Food Providers using one of many ways to give below. You can choose your favorite sponsorship project, or give directly to our general budget. Thank you.

2. VERY IMPORTANT: You can partner with us monthly to build that base foundation of support and help us know that the light bill is paid throughout the year.  Help us keep giving superfood to the malnourished, educating leaders around the world, and keep all of our farming vehicles and dehydration equipment up and running in the harsh tropical environments that we must work in.  Whether you give $5 or $500 per month, your tax-deductible gift is going straight to the heart of our feeding and educational programs.  You become the wind beneath our wings, the foundation on which we can build the community, and the cornerstone of our existence.  Thank you.

3. You can volunteer to help harvest and dehydrate superfoods for the poor. We normally meet one or two Thursday mornings per month, from 8 - 11 am. But we also have all-day or all-week projects if you have an interest. Join our volunteer Whatsapp distribution list by sending your name and Whatsapp contact number to Daniel at +507-6121-0591.  He will add you to the list so you can be informed of the next volunteer opportunity. Thank you!

4. Some people request a list of things that we need at this time. Here is a partial list of needed particular things:

*A good pickup truck or 4x4 SUV to run deliveries with our current 2010 Toyota Hilux.

*New air conditioner unit to replace our fried unit in the dehydration center. $1,100.00.

*New hot water heater to replace the broken heater in the dehydration center. $300.00.

*New 2,650 gallon water tank to replace our old split tank. $1,950.00 installed.

*Repair and service of our commercial dehydrator unit and two refrigerators in the dehydration center.  $370.

*Commercial powdering machine to replace our worn-out unit. After a couple years, these units go in the shop every month costing $75 - $100 repairs and time lost during repair.  Link HERE. 

*Weekly children's feeding program sponsorship. We had sponsors drop off this last year because of their personal financial situations. $75 pays for a full feeding program of up to 75 children and their mommas.  Click HERE.  

*Used smart phones needed.  Our phones are old and worn out. Any smartphone with photo/video capacity is greatly needed for farm communications. Thanks.



Below are some ways that you can give financially. If you scan the QR Code, you will be taken to the page for making the donation.  If you choose to make a one-time donation, you can add as many $5 donations as you would like into the shopping cart. Then simply check out and the donation is made.  Feel free to contact us at if you have any troubles, or would like to discuss a private or corporate donation.

You will receive a thank you email once your donation is received. We'll also keep in touch with a monthly update email showing all the things that we accomplished through the previous month. If you donate through Venmo, please help us get your email address so we can thank you correctly.

Thanks again for partnering with us. We value your friendship and help.
Dr. Daniel & Tracy Daves, Global Food Providers/Children's Feeding Network


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You can click the link above called DONATE to find more ways to give, and special projects that you can give specifically towards. Thanks.