The Perfect Food Storm Is Upon Many Nations Of The World

The clash is on between "we the people" and big government, WEF, UN and the powers that be. Climate change leaders are willing to destroy the lives "literally" of hundreds of millions of poor and middle class globally to enact their policies and agendas. We are seeing the beginnings of this around the world right now. But rest assured, we're only getting started. Buckle your seat belt Dorothy. Kansas (as you have known it) is going bye bye!

The absolute insanity of unrestrained global climate change policy is causing a perfect storm that will not end well for planet earth and it's inhabitants. Right now new policies are being set that will devastate, destroy and break farmers. Many policy makers are requiring farmers to reduce nitrogen input into their soil by 50% - 95%. Nitrogen is what grows plant top growth. Top growth is what produces oxygen and eats CO2. Without top growth there is no fruit, grains or vegetables. Good luck feeding a hungry world population with reduced nitrogen input. In order to save the world, we are going to have to kill off some of the world population. What we're really saying is that humans must die in order to save "mother earth". Evidently, the globe is more important than a human life. Human life is rated rather cheap in this dark spiritual global climate.

Netherlands farmers are revolting as they are now being told to reduce nitrogen emissions: HERE

Canada's nitrogen policies will decimate farmers: HERE

USA nitrogen shortage is causing farmers to scale back production: HERE

New stories are coming out around the globe daily. The perfect storm has arrived with farmers directly in it's destructive path.

Our prototype farm and dehydration center is in Panama where this week we are experiencing a total meltdown of the Panamanian economy. Furious Panamanians are blocking the main highways and roads from city to city. Teachers unions, truckers, farmers, cab and bus drivers are protesting the high cost of fuel with government controlled food and public transportation prices. Food prices have also sky rocketed on non government controlled foods. An estimated $45 million in revenue has lost daily until today. But today the buses and cabs stopped running. The nation is in gridlock and the people who can't get to work are now protesting around the nation. They will not back down until the government does something to ease their anger. They are being squeezed by globalist policies. We just found out today that fuel is running low. Only a few stations have gas or diesel and there's long lines. I would imagine that the fuel is gone by this evening. Then what? We wait to see what government and "we the people" leaders can agree on. But 22 days of this is $1 Billion in lost revenue. It won't take long before the entire country faces it's own perfect storm. I would imagine that most countries are going to face this one way or the other. Political pressures, unsustainable policies, covert depopulation agendas and typical power hungry individuals can cause perfect storms in many different ways. The end result is always the same. The economy capsizes. The most innocent suffer the greatest. The middle class becomes poor and the poor disappear. Revolution comes. Wars come. And life becomes very dangerous at every turn. God help us all.

From a farmer's perspective, fertilizer costs are up 200 - 400%. Diesel is up to $5.00+ per gallon. But farmers can't take the squeeze any further. Many already live on dirt floors and drive old vehicles to do cheap farming. You can only be squeezed so far before you break. Our farm and dehydration center is experiencing rising costs through fuel, electric costs, and through the little fertilizers that we purchase. But we are 85% fueled by our own secret ways of making nitrogen and fertilizers, so we are 85% off grid when it comes to fertilizer. Without this, we'd be out protesting too as our farm would be in dire straights. says it's time to GET NITROGEN SMART! That's an understatement. HERE

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I will close this blog by saying that all of this is pre-planned and pre-orchestrated. The upcoming global famine is nothing less than a replay of Pharaoh's Egypt famine, with a little tweak. In the biblical day of famine, Pharaoh used the 7 year famine to seize all of the land. But in this day, the famine is not real. It's man made and orchestrated. But the end results are the same. The World Economic Forum has posted publicly that they need to reduce world population and seize control of remaining humans (the worthless eaters). The United Nations has just admitted that world hunger is important to advance their global policies. As our good friend, WEF leader Klaus Schwab says, "By 2030, you will own nothing and you will be happy." What he really means is that, "By 2030, those of you who are still alive will be happy to just have made it through our famine, though you will own nothing." It's interesting that their 7 year famine takes us directly to 2030.  

There are two plans that you and I must understand, which are directly aimed at our families and future.  First is to reduce the world population by 90% through weaponized covert means.  The second is to seize control and ownership of the world's land mass while controlling the remaining inhabitant humans through high tech imprisonment.  Like it or not, this is the only scenario that makes sense when watching policy maker plans unfold before our very eyes.

Remember, whoever has the food has the power (my book, Food Is Power). And when you need to control people, you simply must disrupt their food supply and they will go wherever you tell them to go.

Do you need to store food? Well, unless you have enough for 7+ years, then what you have stored won't last you until year 8. You will gladly give up your home and possessions to keep your family fed when the time comes. This is their assumption anyway. It's time to find a way forward for you and your family.

Recommendation: Be very careful who you ally yourself with during this period. To choose the wrong side, to choose temporal convenience, or to choose what the global elites want you to choose might be your undoing. Be very careful.

More to come!

Meanwhile, we are feeding children in Panama and are helping to educate qualified leaders around the world on how to grow superfoods, super fast. It's possible to beat this 7 year man-made famine. But there is no time to waste. Make your education a priority for your family, finances and future. We will be having a multi day seminar at our farm/dehydration center soon. Make sure you are there. We'll be announcing the dates shortly. Join our newsletter at the bottom of this page to make sure you will be the first to know about our educational sessions.

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God bless you and your family during these perfect storms that are upon us.

- Dr. Daniel Daves - Global Food Providers

Proverbs 27:12 (MSG)12 A prudent person sees trouble coming and ducks; a simpleton walks in blindly and is clobbered.

Psalm 37:37-40 (GW)37 Notice the innocent person, and look at the decent person, because the peacemaker has a future.38 But rebels will be completely destroyed. The future of wicked people will be cut off.39 The victory for righteous people comes from the LORD. He is their fortress in times of trouble.40 The LORD helps them and rescues them. He rescues them from wicked people. He saves them because they have taken refuge in him.