September 1st, 2022 - Panama Has No More Rice! What Do We Do?

A rice shortage in June prompted the government to hire an agency to audit every grain of rice in the nation of Panama. The stark findings were scary to say the least.  The National Association Of Millers assured the government that as of September 1st, there will be no rice left in Panama! (link to story source at bottom of page.)

These stories are coming out all over the third world.  Food disruptions, fragile delivery systems, shortages, new government regulations and global Covid lockdowns are destroying the capacity for nations to feed their people.  India is pulling back it's 40% of world's rice exports to feed their own people.  Russia and Ukraine are no longer sending vital fertilizers and wheat.  Weather disruptions are destroying crops in many nations.  Most are totally unaware of the coming tsunami of famine that's upon planet earth. A few are sounding the alarm loudly.

The UN World Food Program says: "A Global Food Crisis Like No Other!" and "Record Hunger On The Rise" "345 Million People Facing Acute Food Insecurity in 82 Nations"

Global Food Providers is rushing life saving education to community leaders who are seizing the moment and preparing their communities in the third world.  There are multiple options to stave off famine, starvation and death. But many leaders are clueless and need strong leadership now.  Using Zoom conferencing, email and educational videos, we are doing everything possible to help alleviate the effects of famine.

Panama faces a massive rice shortage as the beginning of the nation's woes.  What do we do about it? Pray and plant alternatives!!  Root based foods such as potatoes, yucca, atoya, and others are key candidates. Low input foods must be planted now to meet the demand for calories if or when the rice runs out.  And of course, the tree of life - Moringa - must be planted now! One hectare of Moringa trees can feed up to 5000 people indefinitely with the nutrition needed to stay alive. But this requires action, leadership and boots on the ground work ahead of the cut off date.

Each nation is experiencing it's own difficulties. Answers are not universal but require great study and unilaterally quick decision making.  Coaching and education are critical.  800 million are in danger of extermination in the next 24 months.  With proper intervention we can cut that number immensely. But the time to act is now - period. Even while the masses have no idea that disaster is coming directly to their home communities - we are working hard to get to them in time.

If you can help us with a monthly donation of any size, you are helping us to get critical information to those in great need.  Communication, education and leadership requires funding.  Rest assured, every Dollar donated goes directly to life saving programs for the third world.   Thank you in advance for your $5, $20, $100, $500 per month donation!

Proverbs 22:9 (MSG)9  Generous hands are blessed hands because they give bread to the poor.


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