Science Behind The Grand Solar Minimum Climate Catastrophe

It seems that there is a science behind massive weather disruptions around the world, including crop destruction in key locations.  The science is called, “THE GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM” and it seems to be highly accurate. While we are just entering this normal cyclical cooling of the sun, we are already experience volcanic eruptions throughout the ring of fire, massive weather disruptions around the world, and massive deaths of fish, animals, bees, etc. with no “public” reasoning or news reporting.

While the grand solar minimum is normal cyclical behavior for planet earth, this could spell catastrophic for populations in many areas of the globe.  Here are some video links to help you comprehend what is coming over the next decade, and we are working hard to empower people to grow food and care for themselves and their communities.

There are many who claim that mankind is the culprit of the climate changes taking place in our world. But science is being debunked and it's our opinion that the climate craziness is based on historical, cyclical solar heating and cooling.  Health Ranger with Natural News has a great article on the debunking of man made climate change HERE.

Youtube's Ice Age Farmer Videos:  HERE

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