Become Food Secure & Sustainable At Home

Dr. Daniel Daves talks about "Four Facts & a Wild Card" in his powerful new book, "Global Food Revolution".  These hard hitting facts are making impact around the world.  Climate craziness decimates fragile antiquated food growing systems that need to change quickly to meet population growth and changing weather patterns.  This holiday it's time to get your family FOOD SECURE and SUSTAINABLE!
To become family sustainable now, consider picking up the family gift that keeps on giving, year after year after year. The "Garden Grow Tower 2" system is the most powerful, advanced, organic, self composting, 50 plant portable growing system you could ever want or need for your family.  Grow fresh, organic lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, kale, herbs and much more.  Eat fresh and organic day after day, month after month with no further need of the grocery store produce (Only God knows where that came from and what it was hosed down with!).

We have all the information to purchase one of these excellent Garden Grow Towers along with videos HERE.