Heirloom RADISH Watermelon 500 SEEDS❋Huge❋Mild Flavor❋Healthy Roots & Greens

Heirloom RADISH Watermelon 500 SEEDS❋Huge❋Mild Flavor❋Healthy Roots & Greens

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Heirloom WATERMELON Radish -- 500 SEEDS
Raphanus sativus
Winter radish is a cool-season, quick to mature and easy-to-grow vegetable. Garden radishes can be grown wherever there is sun,  moist and fertile soil.  Can be container grown.

The Watermelon radish, also known as Rooseheart or Red Meat, is an heirloom Chinese Daikon radish.

Watermelon Radish are green on the outside and pink on the inside.  The Watermelon radish's flesh is white closest to the exterior becoming bright circular striations of pink and magenta. Hence the watermelon reference. Its flesh is tender crisp, succulent and firm. Its flavor is mild, only slightly peppery with almond-sweet notes. Depending on when harvested, Watermelon radishes can range in size from golf ball to soft ball and can be harvested at any size.
Served fresh or cooked, hot or cold. Don't forget the healthy radish greens!
SEED SOWING:  Direct sow outside  in early spring or fall.  Germination temperature 55F-75F. Sow seeds 1/4"-1/2" deep. Thin seedlings to 4" apart.  Germination is 7-14 days depending upon growing conditions.
HEALTH BENEFITS OF RADISH: Fiber content, cancer protection, diet friendly.  Radish is high in vitamin C and B complex, which is why it is considered good for the skin.

Notes: FRESH HEIRLOOM NON-GMO NON-HYBRID OPEN-POLLINATED USA GROWN SEEDS.”  Our seed  packets are packed in small clear plastic zippy bags .  Global Food Providers is a SEED RESELLER and NOT a professional grower.  If you have other seed planting or growing questions, please do your research carefully via the internet or other media before making a purchase. Our seeds are fresh seeds which have been germination tested professionally by reputable suppliers.  Please be advised that we have NO CONTROL over buyer's growing conditions.  Global Food Providers seed packets are NOT RETURNABLE due to purity, quantity and quality issues. BUYER PLEASE UNDERSTAND.  We are NOT responsible for "non-receipt" of seed items that are shown as "DELIVERED" per shipping tracking details.